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Dr. Diya Rohida has been my dentist for last 5 years.She is incredibly talented in her profession. Residing primarily in Powai Mumbai, I inquired for the best dentist all round and received very favorable references to Dr Diya from numerous patients , dentists and other doctors. I was shuttling to US and Mumbai struggling to strike hectic work life balance neglecting my dental health…..
From Root canal treatment , infection remedy to filling & Crown fixing Dr Diya went step by step methodically after ensuring all relevant prior medical diagnosis as glucose level, Blood pressure and other medical procedures were meticulously followed….
 The treatment was complicated as the damaged teeth were corner large molars and big wisdom teeth. She took expertise of another expert surgeon for bone proximate teeth removal ; whether it be a cleaning or dental work as the staff and Dr. Diya are extremely professional and always pleasant – Dr.Diya ‘s smile alone always make me feel so comfortable and relaxed and she always explains exactly what she is doing as she is working on the patients’ teeth to put them at ease. .
As natural progression on my request to align my teeth for better smiles, she and Dr Neeraj Rohida, Orthodontist, for restructuring and redesign are carrying out the complicated procedures with sincerity . The treatment is professional and quick without feeling rushed. As a globe trotter I could see that Dr Diya is genuinely concerned with your comfort and health.; She is focused on healing and not on earning. Though I have recently relocated to Bangalore temporarily, I am continuing my treatment with Dr Diya.
I am sure she Dr Diya will be healing many more people bringing better health , smiles and happiness .
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