Children’s Dentistry

Child Care Dentistry / Pediatric Dentistry

Early dental care gets a child habituated to a clean cavity free mouth.

Pediatric Dentists/ Pedodontists are dedicated to the oral health of children


Milk teeth/ Deciduous teeth serve a very important role.

Neglect of milk teeth can cause severe problems. Consequently it is important to make sure that even these temporary baby teeth remain healthy and cavity free.

  • Healthy baby teeth are crucial in proper speech development
  • Deciduous or milk teeth maintain proper space and alignment in the arch for the developing permanent teeth. If milk teeth are lost before time, permanent teeth can erupt in wayward positions.
  • Healthy and nice looking teeth are important in building self-confidence and self-esteem. Teasing/bullying by peers due to decayed or broken down teeth can lead to low self esteem in children.
  • Baby teeth are important in proper feeding and nutrition.

It is crucial to note that proper care of baby teeth is not only important now but for the future dentition as well.

When should my child first see a Dentist?

At Trudentz Pediatric Dental Centre, Chandivali, Powai, we make sure that your child’s first visit to a dental clinic is a pleasant experience.

The right time to bring a child for a dental visit is before all the primary, milk teeth have appeared – before the child has completed 2 years of age.

At Trudentz Child Dental Care Centre, Powai, Chandivali, we emphasize on preventive dentistry.

Reasons for an early visit:

  • Bringing a child when there is no emergency/pain will make the visit a pleasant experience.
  • Diagnose and arrest early dental decay
  • Advice on nutrition and home care
  • Detecting habits such as thumb sucking, lip sucking, tongue thrusting, mouth breathing

Tooth Decay In Children

Causes of tooth decay in children are the same as in adults, but occurs more quickly. Since milk teeth are smaller in size, the decay reaches the nerve of a primary tooth very fast and can cause pain and discomfort.

If children are on bottle feeding, it can cause rampant decay of teeth. This is called as nursing bottle caries or baby bottle syndrome.


Kids’ Dentist or Pediatric Dentist are trained to take care of dental complexities of kids and teens. Pediatric dentistry is a separate field dedicated to kids, their Oral Health prevention and preparation for the future.

At Trudentz Kids Dental Clinic, Powai, Chandivali, we have on our consultant panel one of the best Pedodontist, making sure that every dental visit is a pleasant experience for your little ones.

Preventive Dentistry Procedures

At Trudentz Pedodontic Clinic, Chandivali, Powai, we offer the following preventive procedures:

  1. Fluoride application- helps in preventing decay, by strengthening the teeth. It is recommended once in 6 months.
  2. Pit and fissure sealants- These help in reducing food lodgement and hence decrease the incidence of decay.
  3. Habit Breaking appliances
  4. Space maintainers
  5. SDF application: At Trudentz Pedodontic centre, Powai, Chandivali, we offer SDF application in children for tooth decay problems.

Pedodontic Treatment Options For Kids at Trudentz Children’s Dental Centre, Powai, Chandivali

  1. Root Canal Treatment In Milk TeethIf a child’s primary (baby) teeth have been injured, or if decay has advanced deep into the pulp/nerves of your child’s teeth, a root canal treatment to stabilize teeth may be needed. Root canal treatment is needed to save the tooth, prevent infection spread and reduce the pain and discomfort, irrespective of the age of the patient.

    At Trudentz Pediatric Dental Centre, Chandivali, Powai, we make sure that kids are comfortable during the entire process of root canal/pulpectomy/pulp therapy.

    Root canal treatment in children is a simple procedure under local anesthesia wherein instruments are used to clean the root canals of teeth followed by inserting a medication so as to maintain the teeth properly in the oral cavity.

  1. Habit breaking appliances: These help to control deleterious habits such as mouth breathing, Thumb sucking, Tongue thrusting
  3. Esthetic treatment for children: In many children black/broken or decayed teeth are a source of embarrassment. AT Trudentz Pedodontic Clinic, Powai, Chandivali, we can help your child get a new smile using various tooth coloured fillings and crowns.

Child Care Dentistry at Trudentz: One of the best Pediatric Dental Centres, Chandivali, Powai

The right dental care for children is of paramount importance. Oral healthcare in children is deeply interlinked with their well-being. It is only natural therefore, to want services of the finest quality when it comes to the welfare of your young ones.

AT Trudentz Pedodontic Clinic, Chandivali, Powai we assure that your children are in the best hands.

Our panel of gentle and experienced Pediatric Dentists/ Pedodontists make sure that your child’s journey to perfect oral health is a happy and comfortable one.

With various behavior guidance techniques in place, we ensure stress-free visits for both the child and the parent.

During the child’s visit at Trudentz, we carefully assess the child’s cooperation level on that day. We incorporate creative solutions like storytelling to engage the child.

At Trudentz Kids Dental Clinic, Chandivali, Powai, It is as important to us as it is to you that your child’s dental experiences are relaxing and enjoyable!

We lay great emphasis upon preventative dentistry, to ensure that your child does not have to undergo any major dental work in the future.

Our time spent in educating children regarding various habits and oral hygiene maintenance builds in them a strong foundation of oral well-being.

We identify detrimental habits such as mouth breathing, thumb sucking, lip sucking, tongue thrusting and offer constructive solutions that help remedy them before they cause any serious destruction to their oral and general health.

This also minimizes the need for major reconstructive work in the subsequent years.


We follow the most rigorous sterilization processes in order to prevent secondary and cross infections. Our standards of sterilization are in accordance with global protocols.


Q.1. What Is The Minimum Age Of Visiting A Kid’s Dentist?

The right time to bring a child for a dental visit is before all the primary, milk teeth have appeared – before the child has completed 2 years of age.

Q.2 When Should A Child Start Brushing?

As soon as the first tooth erupts but make sure that the amount of toothpaste is not more than the size of a pea.

Q.3. Should Mothers Clean The Mouth Of Babies If There Are No Teeth?

Yes, it is important to keep the mouth clean. Clean the upper and lower gums with a soft cloth moistened with warm water. If milk sticks to teeth, it can cause decay.

Q.4. What Is The Importance Of Milk Teeth?

As milk teeth erupt, it is a common misconception that they do not matter. But they have important roles such as:

  • They are essential in the first step of digesting food: chewing, biting and grinding
  • They improve speech habits and pronunciation
  • It is the basis for the development of jaw bones and muscles
  • They create room for permanent teeth to erupt
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