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In this age of selfies, the first thing people notice is your smile. Do you flash your pearly whites or do you hide your teeth?

Gift Yourself a Smile Makeover!

Today, many people benefit from Same Day Smile Makeovers, a part of cosmetic dentistry. A wide range of techniques are available that can enhance almost any smile.

Smile Makeover is a process of improving the appearance of a smile through various procedures which are cosmetic or surgical.

Smile makeover takes into consideration the tooth color, tooth size, tooth shape, tooth position, lip position, lip length, gum position, and gum color.

Gone are the days when: you had to settle for chipped, stained and crooked teeth.

At Trudentz Cosmetic Dentistry Centre, Chandivali, Powai, Mumbai, we

are well equipped with the latest in technology and materials to provide you the most natural looking, cosmetically enhanced teeth, that last longer than they did in the past.

Do I need a Smile Makeover?

If your answer to any of the following questions is “yes”, then you need to get a cosmetic evaluation done at Trudentz, Powai, Chandivali.

  • Are you embarrassed when smiling?
  • Do you cover your teeth when smiling?
  • Do you feel your teeth are yellow?
  • Do you have broken or chipped or stained teeth?
  • Do you have missing teeth?
  • Do your upper teeth show less when smiling?
  • Do you have irregular or overlapping teeth?
  • Do you have gaps between your teeth?
  • Are your teeth of uneven shape/form/height?
  • Do you have a gummy smile?
  • Are your gums pigmented (black/brown)?
  • Do you have discoloured or stained or broken fillings?

All of the above conditions can be rectified using one of the following


  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Composite Veneers
  • Orthodontic Treatment
  • Bonding
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Gum depigmentation
  • Instant Tooth Whitening
  • Recontouring of teeth
  • Composite restorations and build ups


At Trudentz Clear Aligner and Invisalign Centre, Powai, Chandivali, our Orthodontist Dr. Neeraj S Rohida, is one of the best Invisalign Certified Dentists in Powai, Chandivali, Mumbai. Using clear Aligners, you can straighten your teeth without anyone noticing.


Porcelain Laminate/ Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front surface of a tooth.These veneers/laminates greatly enhance the look of your smile with as little discomfort as possible. These veneers are natural looking and are made to suit the patients’ individual needs and are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

With veneers, we can choose to change the shade and shape of teeth as needed.

At Trudentz Smile Designing Centre, Chandivali, Powai, we first help you digitally visualize, how your veneers with look on your teeth with our proprietary Digital Smile Designing Software.


AT Trudentz Smile Designing Centre, Powai, Chandivali, Mumbai, our experienced Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentist, Dr. Diya Rohida can help you with Dental Veneers or laminates in the following situations:

  • Spaces or Gaps between teeth.
  • Discolored or stained teeth.
  • Malpositioned, Irregular, Overlapped or slightly crooked teeth.
  • Odd shaped, uneven, cracked or chipped teeth.
  • Fractured teeth
  • Teeth with multiple fillings which have compromised the aesthetics of the smile.
  • Unsatisfactory shape, size and form of teeth.
  • To provide a “White Smile” in persons with naturally dark teeth.
  • Hollywood Smile


  1. Veneers need minimal tooth reshaping and hence are conservative
  2. They look and feel completely natural.
  3. Veneers or Dental Laminates can be completed within a week and can last for many years, if maintained well.
  4. Ceramic or Porcelain Veneers do not stain
  5. Veneers are not very expensive

Due to their durability, looks and comfort, veneers have become one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available today.

At Trudentz Smile Makeover Clinic, Chandivali, Powai, we use the best materials and equipments, and we are backed up by world class dental labs and ceramists for our veneer fabrication.

How long do Dental Laminates /Veneers last?

Regular checkups will ensure your veneers are in excellent shape. Well maintained veneers should last you for many years and give you a long lasting and beautiful smile.

Use non abrasive toothpaste to help maintain the shine and gloss of your veneers.

Normal diet will not harm your veneers. Avoid any shearing force on these teeth [like biting a sugarcane].


A crown, also called as ‘cap’ covers the entire tooth, unlike a veneer which covers only the front surface of a tooth. A crown requires more shaping of the tooth structure and is often used to strengthen a weak or broken tooth, and in teeth that have undergone Root Canal treatment.


The common indications for a crown are:

  • To restore a badly decayed teeth, with large fillings or teeth which are root canal treated.
  • To protect fractured teeth where little tooth structure is left.
  • When the position, shape, size or colour of the teeth have to be dramatically altered. In cases with protruding teeth or severe crowding.
  • To improve the bite. (Full Mouth rehabilitation)
  • To strengthen worn down or mobile teeth.
  • As part of a bridge to support a tooth replacement.


At Trudentz Multispeciality Dental Centre, Powai, Chandivali, we offer all types of Crowns including acrylic, metal, metalfree, ceramic, porcelain or zirconia.

The ceramic & zirconia crowns are great for aesthetics and durability.

Trudentz Dental Centre: Best Smile Designing/Smile Makeover/Cosmetic Dentistry in Powai, Chandivali, Mumbai

Trudentz is perfect abode to make your smile beautiful. Dr. Diya and Neeraj S Rohida use the latest technological advances, Digital workflow, that is painless and efficient. This combined with an ambience that is modern, pleasant and hygienic.

Boost your Confidence and Personality. Gift yourself and your Loved Ones a Smile Makeover At Trudentz!


Q.1. What Is The Cost Of A Smile Makeover Procedure?

Smile makeover includes various procedures that depend on case to case and the cost varies depending upon the procedure undertaken. Our experienced cosmetic Dentists at Trudentz Smile Designing Centre, Powai, Chandivali, will assess your smile and discuss the procedures needed.

Q.2. Can One Get Their Teeth Fixed Without Braces?
Yes. At Trudentz Clear Aligner and Invisalign Clinic, Powai, Chandivali, we offer you the option of straightening teeth with the world’s best Aligner System.

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